Dog bed

Published March 15, 2014 by Meghan Hales

I decided to do something creative each week. I have lots of ideas in my head to be awesome. I am trying to follow through with some of them.

Do one creative thing each week – create something with my hands.

Exercise 3x a week – more, if I’m able to. It’s starting to get a tad warmer (30′s) in Michigan.

Make dinner a few times a week. What once was simply a burden is not.

Grow my business with It Works Global. I’m eager to start making even more money outside of work. I have to figure out some realistic goals to surpass the Ruby level.


My creative thing this week was on a whim. I decided my first sewing project would be a dog bed. My dog Beesly’s old bed was bleeding on the carpet, turning it pink. So Peanut I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, charmed all of the staff, and walked out with some materials to make a dog bed.

The players: 2 yards of red and 2 yards of deep purple chevron
cotton fabrics, 4 yards of white muslin, and polyfill




I have a Singer Talent machine. I relearned how to thread it from this YouTube video (she’s adorable).

I chose the deep purple for her pillow. I pinned and sewed one side. Then I move it, pinned and sewed. It wasn’t beautiful, but I was proud I did it!


Sewed and pinned the third side. Then I decided to stuff the pillow first to decide how full to make it, then sewed the last side closed. It was hard and kinda ugly. So if I was doing it again, I would have taken the stuffing out, sewed it almost all of the way, then stuffed it up to not make it so ugly (top side). Oh well, just a dog bed upstairs in my bedroom.

Beesly seems to like it.


Go Daddy

Published January 3, 2014 by Meghan Hales

Have y’all made your own website before?

I decided to start making my own website to promote my business and was recommended that I use GoDaddy once I needed a page forwarding. UM. Okay!


So I just dived right in. I am a Communications major. I have a Master of Arts in Administrative Sciences. I’m not a dummy. But I’m also not someone who can write code.

Thankfully, Go Daddy has a very easy website builder and so far, I’m sitting pretty.

Who has built their own site (read: not somebody else done it for you!). Would you like to share your link?

Goals for 2014

Published January 1, 2014 by Meghan Hales

Feels so odd to type 2014!

I am not a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. But I did this year. I am being open to a lot of things. Not the way Jim Carrey was in Yes Man, but still.

Drumroll, please…here are my goals for 2014:

  1. Become a Ruby in May. This means zilch to you unless you are involved in ItWorks. Basically, I want to make more money!

    I will be doing this by developing my business with my blog/website, reading more books about business (I’ve got a long list that I will have to share at some point), initiate more relationships, and set other small goals. I have a huge bridal expo in April to attend. I’m nervous and excited for that. Lots of ideas, tips, and steps to get there. I think this will truly revolutionize my income and business.

  2. Get rid of half of our debt. This can only be done by increasing my income with #1 and really focus on our budget. I want to pay off our cars this year. We also have a personal loan through our credit union to pay off. I would like to also learn a lot more from Dave Ramsey.
  3. Don’t miss my kids growing up. My son Bubba will be 2 in January, 1499429_966378504642_711008103_nand my daughter Peanut will be 1 in June. I work full-time. I don’t want to be so focused on doing other things that I miss out on my kids being kids.
  4. Eat more raw, less processed. Notice I did not say cut out processed completely. I still like tortilla chips once a week.
  5. Use the Fit Pack. I wonder how much different my fitness and how healthy my body would be if I used this.

Are you willing to share yours with me?

Have a virtual party for your business

Published January 1, 2014 by Meghan Hales

Advertising with social media is a beautiful thing. You can do it any time of day, you can reach hundreds and thousands of people with a few clicks.

Today I created a Facebook event with my business page, recorded a quick video introduction on my iPhone and invited about a thousand people in the course of minutes.

I am planning on making my business soar in 2014. There are still two days left in 2013, who is to say it does not happen right this minute?

The idea of reaching out to thousands of people that I could not have normally without the internet is flabbergasting.

Here is how an online party works:

  1. Create a Facebook event from your business page. Invite every friend you have. It does not matter if you know your uncle Mark won’t want to buy anything from you. If he pities you, somebody on his friend’s list my see the event and decide to join.
  2. Pick a key time to host the party. You don’t want it to be too long but do not want the opportunity to pass by from casual Facebookers missing out on the party. Mine is perfect because I am peaking at NYE – people will be prime to be interested in health products then.
  3. Start posting! Post photos of products, online polls. make videos, put in explanations of how your business works. Get people interested by posting things that have nothing to do with your business. Everyone loves a great meme or recipe. No shame in drawing people in with these things.
  4. Like I said, invite everyone you know. Ask your friends to invite people they know. Host it with a colleague and have them invite their friends life.
  5. Pick one day and post once an hour something engaging during the day.
  6. Link to your event via Facebook and your blog.

What about after? Yay, it stays up! A good resource for your potential customers. People can be voyeurs or participate and ask questions.

Get to work – it’s a new year for you to have success!

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution

Published December 29, 2013 by Meghan Hales



Originally posted on The Official How To Blog:

2013 is quickly coming to a close, and with it all your crushed dreams, mediocre sexcapades, Bieber retirement announcements and dashed hopes. But there’s a brand new year on the horizon, and now is the time to set up your list of resolutions.

Follow this advice to create the greatest resolution list known to man.

1. “I will lose weight”

Nearly everyone’s New Year’s list will include the phrase “I will lose weight.” And you will go to the supermarket that first week in January and buy celery and sawdust and maybe even that Jillian Michael’s exercise ball in the shape of her mouth, and then the celery will wilt, a bird will make a nest out of the sawdust, and you will be eating a stick of butter coated in nutella on top of a partially deflated exercise ball that has become part of your ass structure. A…

View original 334 more words

Stop Doing These to Yourself!

Published December 29, 2013 by Meghan Hales

Stop Doing These to Yourself!

I love this article.

I am definitely guilty of:

7. Stop being scared to make a mistake.

I have made many mistakes in my life. I am a human being! It’s a beautiful thing in life that I don’t need to be scared to make them again.

11. Stop being idle.

I have been pregnant or just had a baby for the last few years. I also went to grad school and worked full-time while on the baby train. Now I am an independent distributor with ItWorks. At night, I have a tendency to just chill out. But that’s not ideal for me. I need to make sure I exercise, plan meals, and keep my stress level to a minimum. If I plan, I feel much better. If I exercise, the endorphins surely help.

12. Stop thinking you’re not ready.

Because there’s always a million reasons to not do something. I was reluctant to get involved in distributing products with ItWorks because I was nervous I would not make money and it would take away from my family. But it’s exactly whatever I make it into.

14. Stop rejecting new relationships just because old ones didn’t work.

Probably the one I related to the most on this list.

17. & 18. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. Stop holding grudges.

My regular day workplace is so guilty of these attitudes. It’s easy to fall in line.

20. Stop wasting time explaining yourself to others.

Thank you!

27. Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Immediate family comes first for me.


In 2014, I do believe I will succeed in my business. I do not truly care what haters say. I will get no’s from people. But when everybody will see my succeeding, they will want to join in.

My family will always be first. I will grow personally. I truly believe I will have the greatest year ever with my husband and kids supporting me. Thank God!


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